Tapit Limited

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A Digital Strategy & Solutions Consultancy
founded 19 years ago by John Bunn

Digital Consultancy

Whether you simply require support analysing and formulating your digital business needs for an agency brief or you want assistance in assessing your business’ entire digital strategy and infrastructure, we can help.

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Digital Strategy

One thing that we take particular pleasure in is helping businesses turn their online aspirations into cohesive digital strategies. Our goal is to help you choose appropriate solutions to ensure a real return on your investment.

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UX & Responsive Design

We only work with responsiveness in mind and encourage our clients to do so too. It is a false economy now to build a fixed size ‘desktop’ site and expect visitors to have a less than optimal experience on smaller devices.

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Coaching & Training

We have been delivering bespoke training solutions based on the specific needs of our clients as Tapit Limited for 19 years but our involvement in training and development dates back to 1985, long before the company was formed.

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Online Learning Solutions

The emergence of online learning (or e-learning) was the driver that lead John Bunn to form Tapit 19 years ago. A good online learning solution can last a company many years and a single investment by your company can yield a very positive return.

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Good documentation leads to good corporate memory and acts as a cornerstone for review and improvement. We can offer full documentation on our own solutions as well as offering a professional documentation service for any of your existing workflows and digital solutions.

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Innovative solutions for your digital vision

Over 19 years experience!

Over the last 19 years we have been involved in projects for large multi-nationals, major financial institutions and SMEs.

Our range of projects has encompassed:

  • responsive web site design and development
  • computer-based and online learning solutions
  • coaching and workshop development and delivery
  • management of a major multi-national client's entire UK online portfolio and daily operations workflow
  • project reviews
  • process and workflow analysis - task, departmental and organisational
  • consulting and architecting fully integrated digital business strategies and solutions. encompassing;
    • multi-device responsive web presences
    • hosting strategy
    • content strategy
    • social media
    • organic SEO

A flexible approach

In addition to delivering our own products and services, we can work with your business as an independent advisor to support in-house digital projects.

We are also very happy to partner with existing strategic and technical agencies already working on behalf of clients, In this instance we would work for the client as the bridge between business and product development/delivery teams.

We have performed these roles successfully on a wide range of projects, drawing on our extensive knowledge  and experience to assist a business’ own teams and agencies/suppliers in ensuring that:

  • the appropriate solution is chosen
  • the solution/product is delivered in a timely fashion
  • a demonstrable return on investment is achieved

In addition to working on individual projects we offer a range of consultancy services to assist businesses in structuring their organisations for digital.

We can help evaluate:

  • your current organisation structure and processes
  • your existing agency roster
  • compliance of your online portfolio with current legislation
  • existing business plans for digital activity
  • current and previous digital projects to optimise learnings and enhance future strategy and performance

The rest of this section of the site goes into detail of the various services we offer but in essence we are interested in helping our clients turn their digital business needs into successful digital solutions.

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