Tapit Limited

Coaching & Training

We have been delivering bespoke training solutions based on the specific needs of our clients as Tapit Limited for 15 years but our involvement in training and development dates back to 1985, long before the company was formed.

We have experience in designing and delivering courses across many topics but the following are areas in which we are highly experienced.

Induction Programmes (pre-boarding & on-boarding)

Pre-boarding and on-boarding are particular areas where customised programmes are required to bring together a mixture of specific knowledge of a business (culture, processes etc.) and core skill requirements.

More and more the emphasis is on integrated solutions to meet this need, blending tutor lead courses and workshops with online learning and self development programmes.

We have extensive experience in this area and can work with you to ensure that your company's workforce is equipped with the knowledge and skills they need.

Software and Skills Training

Although there are several generic training courses available, it is well known that most people only use 20% of the full feature set of any given software.

It could well be that you only require your workforce to utilise a series of core skills/features in their day-to-day work and we can design and deliver bespoke courses and online learning solutions to maximise your return on investment in this area of staff training.

Concentrating on core skills, with the option for an individual to study further if interested or deemed necessary at a later date, ensures that they are able to meet the requirements of their job in the shortest possible timescale. Why send someone on a 5 day course when a 1 day customised solution will meet their needs.

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